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Tutorials and private message

  • Hi guys. I want to let here a tip. Sorry my idea, but it came on my mind. Why not a section for tutorials and private messages btween members? Or encourage development groups to promote Onsen Ui projects , showcase for teams. lol Ideas and ideas :bowtie:

  • @Leonardo-Augusto I have been using the private messaging in the gitter chat room, the only problem is the user doesn’t get a notification that the chat room is open - they have to just see it by chance.

    I agree though, private messaging would be nice, because for certain problems I would like to be able to discuss a few things behind the scenes so we are able to agree on the solution and put out a quality response for people so they can get a good answer.

    As far as tutorials, is this section not meeting that requirement or should they be tagged?
    Tagging is something I feel many people aren’t using in their posts because it is pretty easy to miss when typing your subject out.

    Good thoughts though Leonardo! How is your app progressing? I am currently working on voice recognition and speech synthesis. It was pretty easy to get going honestly with Monaca, Onsen, and a few plugins for Cordova!

  • Nowadays i have two apps on Google Play and i 'm working on a new , the release will be available next two weeks
    Is a touristic app about southern Brazil .
    And i have 4 other projects to publish until July. Of 7, Six apps using Onsen Ui.

  • Awesome and congrats! I will be releasing the one I did to learn Onsen soon. I just have to do the graphics for it. That is my weakest area - graphic design - so many of my apps just look plain. I focus on functionality instead of pretty, but I am working on getting that more refined as well! :smile:

  • @munsterlander
    Congrats bro. I have no high knowledge like you but i have worked a lot to learn. Hope soon i’ll be a good Mobile dev. My skill is most software, web, … draw, . Mobile is something new to me. But i love it

  • @Leonardo-Augusto Thank you for the kind words, but I like you, am learning on the go! Also, I love love your clean apps. Beautiful UI, wished I had that graphics capabilities.

  • If you need help or something i can do … here i am to help you bro. free help , free art.

  • @Leonardo-Augusto Sweet! I appreciate the offer, now where are those private messages to discuss offline! hahah!

  • @munsterlander lol For now my contacts on profile lol .

  • Onsen UI

    @Leonardo-Augusto Thanks for opening this kind of topic :)

    We also had chat feature for this forum but I disabled it right before the relase… Don’t you guys think we would have many solved questions in chats rather than in public posts? Also as @munsterlander says, we have Gitter that is both public and private chat (I believe we can turn on alerts, I just need to check how). What’s your opinion about this service? Would you prefer just private chats in the forum or Gitter is fine?

    For tutorials we have the Articles section. It is closed to avoid spam but I can grant privilege to publish there if anyone has something to post. It would be better if you publish the article in your own blog or website and then we can link it from here, but I guess it’s possible to write all the content in a topic as well. For example, this topic is not hosted in Onsen website (I’m the author but it was a guest post in another blog).

    About the development group to promote Onsen UI projects… it would be certainly great. I just fear that the forum isn’t currently big enough. Even though we’ve got already a bunch of users, truth is that most of them use this forum as a SOF replacement rather than as a real community (what is actually expected in my opinion). You two guys and perhaps some others are the exception.

    Congrats for your apps guys, it’s always nice to see Onsen UI out there!
    I should start making apps… Onsen UI + Vanilla ftw :grin:

  • Chat

    I think the gitter chat is pretty good, its only downside is the lack of notifications (might be a setting) for private chat rooms, etc.


    I would like more of a code repository with explanations if that makes sense. @Leonardo-Augusto, @Fran-Diox and I have all come up with some unique solutions to certain problems. These solutions aren’t things for documentation because they were a specific use-case, but I would like to have a place to go back and grab some of that code we came up with at a later date. Calling setAttribute that you answered twice for me (see, I didn’t forget it this time!! HA!)

    Is it possible to open it up to a review queue or such?

    General State of the Community

    My only concern about how the community is, right now, is how spread out it is. We currently use:

    I feel we already have too many options and adding more would spread the community out even more. I guess it is good because some people may only use that one platform, but its bad in that we are answering questions multiple times on different sites or a really good questions gets asked here but will get no exposure on stack overflow where it could benefit future Onsen developers.

    I don’t have the solution and please take my ramblings as just simple observations and not negative comments.

    Final Statement

    Finally, I cannot stress enough how awesome the Monaca / Onsen (Asial) team is! Just a phenomenal product and I know that @Leonardo-Augusto and I are having a blast with it. We (sorry for speaking for the both of us here) plan to continue to do even more projects with Onsen and spread the word even more. You guys & gals are doing just amazing stuff and I am happy to be able to contribute to the community.

  • Onsen UI

    @munsterlander @Leonardo-Augusto About the tutorials issue:

    What do you think about a subcategory in this forum (OnsenUI/tuts, /examples, /tricks, /kitchensink, /insertgoodnamehere) for that kind of tutorials? Every topic focuses on a specific problem and gives code and explanation to solve it. We can also add a link to a working example in Codepen. We could have some kind of template topic so all the new topics look alike and are well tagged. Maybe it should be closed in general and only writable for OnsenUI, Monaca and Expert teams (:stuck_out_tongue: ) for now so we ensure quality of these examples.

    A repository is also an option but I think this would be easier to find and maintain. What do you guys think?
    I’d also like to know @argelius ’ opinion on this.

    About the community, we are aware of the current situation, we have too many options… That’s the reason why this forum was released that late, because it was yet another option to maintain. But eventually we thought this could be better than SOF for support. Github issues will be always there, specially now that we don’t use Redmine anymore. Even if we prefer the forum as the main support platform, I think we should keep checking SOF from time to time. Perhaps the only possible discussion here is about Gitter.

    Thanks for your kind words @munsterlander , it’s really gratifying to see that people like what we do :blush:

  • I like the idea about the subcategory; especially, if it uses a template to keep things formatted and a codepen. In my opinion, that would be perfect!

    SOF and Github, you just always have to know they will be there. If could be that in all of our answers there, we advise people about the community here. Either way, I will still be viewing all 3 and helping out where I can.

    Gitter - I like it. The big thing for it, is redirecting any code based questions to the community here. Its not the best place for in depth questions, but I think the chat function is critical for some of those quick questions - like what I sent you @Fran-Diox. Notifications would be my only request. I get an email for the general box but not privates.

    Lastly, I like Onsen so much that when we are in JP this year, I have already told the wife we have to swing by! :bowtie: :tokyo_tower: :japan:

  • @Fran-Diox @munsterlander @Leonardo-Augusto

    I don’t have any strong opinions either way. Since it seems that there is a demand for a place to share tutorials and tips I think we can at least give it a try and see if there will be a lot of new content added to the new subcategory.

    I’m not really sure about the naming of the category. “Tutorials” sounds that it would be longer article so maybe we can call it “Tips & tricks” or something similar.

  • @Fran-Diox Thanks Fran for your reply; it was sweeet. Yes , i’ll check the Gitter.It’s new to me. lol Thanks for hear my ideas.

  • @Fran-Diox said:

    @munsterlander @Leonardo-Augusto About the tutorials issue:

    What do you think about a subcategory in this forum (OnsenUI/tuts, /examples, /tricks, /kitchensink, /insertgoodnamehere) for that kind of tutorials?

    I love the idea. And even i’m not a Github fan (yet, I hardly use at the time, I’m busy lol, i’m an one man company ) lol But @Fran-Diox you made me think about open a section for tutorials, or a blog to talk about. I Have proud of your team guys , Onsen UI is amazing. Until July i have a solid plans to build almost 7 or 8 apps (I’m not fast ) using Onsen . And because Onsen is incredible i want to help the community, as i can . Sometimes is hard to help because i’m not a good english speaker. But we try!

  • Onsen UI

    @munsterlander @Leonardo-Augusto @argelius Hey guys, I want to bring up this topic again.

    As you probably know, we recently released the interactive tutorial app. This project is completely served by Github pages so everything can be changed by submitting Pull Requests. The repo is here.

    The idea is that anyone can modify existing tutorials or submit new ones easily. You only need to modify js/modules.js for indexing and add the new content in tutorial folder. There are many examples so it should be easy. I’d say to create a community category under every framework section and add there the custom tuts.

    For small examples we can keep it simple and just create a new topic here in the forum (Onsen UI category) with tutorial tag explaining what’s the issue, what’s the solution and providing code. It would be great if they include Codepens, and to make Codepens I’d recommend starting from the mentioned tutorial app, export your code to Codepen (there’s a button for that) and save it.

    Tell me what you guys think about this :)

  • I’m suspect , but as i told before:

    @Leonardo-Augusto said:

    Hi guys. I want to let here a tip. … Why not a section for tutorials and private messages between members? Or encourage development groups to promote Onsen Ui projects , …

    @Fran-Diox It’s very good , great encouragement and also a good thing to increase the community. :up:
    I have many plans to share, even more now when i have Onsen UI2 on Visual Studio and a Monaca developer licence .

    Releasing Two new apps , working with new plugins . i have good content and tips for our community .

    Resuming: i’m glad about everything is going on for Onsen Ui

  • And , looking deepest, i have sure our friend @munsterlander has much more things to share. Munsterlander or MonsterCODE?? :grinning:

  • I think that would be great. I definitely can through a few things in there. Sorry for being gone for a bit, I have been sick and work has been backed up.