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  • Hello, guys.

    I have searched about this in forums, the documentation for the ONSEN and Monaca, but without success.

    How do I get to appear on the keyboard “next” button to go to the next item in the form, until it reaches its final and appear the “enter” or “go”.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @Vitor-Vieira For Android example, I don’t think Onsen has an imeOptions equivalent. I am not 100% on this other than there is the type attribute for HTML5 inputs. Some examples are here:

    Additionally, I know with Android a lot of the soft keys are auto displayed based on the <form> tag and the number of elements. Are your fields wrapped in this tag, even if you are not using it?

  • @munsterlander .Yes they are. Actually the keyboard changes according to the “type”, but not with the “form”. Theoretically, recognizing the <form> tag, the keyboard should adapt and put the “next” button.

    Taking the opportunity, does anyone know how I control the keyboard to open or close? If an event “X” occur, I would close it … or open it. Does anyone know the control command in MONACA X ONSEN?

  • @Vitor-Vieira You are correct on the keyboard changing per type, but what I meant was when you have the same types of inputs in a form, it will detect the number of say text inputs and when on the last one switch to done - at least in my experience with forms and Android.

    This posting may be of use:

  • @munsterlander
    Thanks, it was very useful your tips! Hugs

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