ons-navigator in React with Onsen UI 2

  • I couldn’t get working correctly ons-navigator in React with Onsen UI 2(beta 6).
    Is there any workaround or a plan to fix?

    My JSX (not HTML):


    Error Message:

    Uncaught Invariant Violation: findComponentRoot(…, . Unable to find element. This probably means the DOM was unexpectedly mutated (e.g., by the browser), usually due to forgetting a <tbody> when using tables, nesting tags like <form>, <p>, or <a>, or using non-SVG elements in an <svg> parent. Try inspecting the child nodes of the element with React ID ``.

    When I get rid of div element, I get no error.

  • Onsen UI

    @masaha03 There is indeed a plan to fix it: gh#1213

  • Thank you!

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