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  • I have an application, Cordova Tools (Visual Studio) with OnsenUi framework. It’s working fine, using the code below. Note: I’m Using Inappbrowser.

    <ons-icon icon="fa fa-globe" fixed-width="true" onclick="'', '_blank', 'location=yes')"></ons-icon>

    But when i try to use my social profiles (Pinterest,instagram …) with : https:// I’m receiving this error:


    webpage not available

    So if you have the same problem , my solution : remove Location = yes

         <ons-icon icon="fa fa-globe" fixed-width="true" onclick="'', '_blank')"></ons-icon>

    So, now like me you can be happy, adding your social profiles inside your application.

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    Thanks for sharing it @Leonardo-Augusto ! This will be helpful for somebody else :)