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Does Onsenui2 support Angularjs v2 or Typescript ?

  • Hello , could any body tell me. OnsenUI2 supported to angularjs v2 ,Typescript OR NOT ?

  • I’ve been trying for several weeks to get Onsen 2 to play with Angular 2 in Typescript but have had no luck. I’ve seen no example of it working with Angular 2 even though they say it’s supported. I’ve also asked the same question on Gitter but have had no responses.

    If anyone from Onsen is listening please provide an update, and if it is supported, an example.

  • Onsen UI

    @DILEEP-YADAV @hugheba OnsenUI 2.0 will support Angular2. We are currently preparing bindings for Angular2 right as we have for Angular1. Complex frameworks like Angular2 or React.js need some special code to make its usage feel nicer with OnsenUI. Other simple frameworks like Vue.js or Knockout.js can be used almost painlessly.
    I believe Angular2 bindings will be finished soon, maybe in few weeks.

  • @Fran-Diox ok!
    Onsen UI is pretty simple in comparing other framework right now ! Please AngularJS v2 bind carefully It may be create complexity. Because angular V2 already bind three Scripting language like JavaScript, TypeScript, Dart Script. I hope will be better !

    Thanks @Fran-Diox

  • @Fran-Diox Please keep us updated on the status. Thanks.