How to capture onsenUi range stop ?

  • Hello, i user onsenUi range slider with cordova media seek position , how can i capture the range slider value when i finish dragging this?, with jquery mobile range slider it’s an event called ‘slidestop’ but in cordova nothing is on the document.

    Thank you

  • Hello onsen ui any response?

  • Sorry, I am in North America and have been asleep. You can either add an eventListener or try the onchange event. It works in codepen, but I haven’t tested it on an actual application. Let me know.

        <ons-range id="myRange" onchange="alert(document.getElementById('myRange').value);"></ons-range>
        <ons-range modifier="material" id="myRange2" onchange="alert(document.getElementById('myRange2').value);"></ons-range>

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    @munsterlander It’s not too much but I hope you like your new group :sweat_smile:

  • @Fran-Diox Hey! That’s pretty cool. I hope I can live up to the group name as I have asked some pretty non-expert questions to you! In all honesty though, I have really enjoyed working with Monaca / Onsen. The feature set and ease of use are outstanding!

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