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Connect JavaScript quiz with Onsen UI

  • I have a JavaScript quiz with radio buttons answers. I have the questions and anwers as an array as you can see.

    The point is that the Onsen UI style is not displaying - the buttons are “plain” buttons instead. I guess I just need to add a really simple codein the answers.push but I can’t figure out.

    Here is the part that I think needs the code:

                <input type="radio" name="question${questionNumber}" value="${letter}">
                ${letter} :

    The array:

    var questionPool = [
          question: "¿Por qué es importante la autoestima?",
          answers: {
            a: "Porque ayuda a moverse en el espacio físico.",
            b: "Porque fomenta la seguridad en uno mismo.",
            c: "Porque se diseña mejor la unidad didáctica."
          correctAnswer: "b"
          question: "Los servicios higiénicos...",
          answers: {
            a: "No se deben separar por sexo.",
            b: "Deben estar limpios y desinfectados.",
            c: "Se diferencian sólo por edad."
          correctAnswer: "b"

    Just in case you want to see the complete codepen: