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Excuse me,How can Carousel it be Loop Playback

  • Excuse me,How can Carousel it be Loop Playback React

  • @skyliwq,

    Based on the following:

    Here you go! I adjusted the code based on the available methods and propeties of the ons-carousel.

    var prev = function() {
      var carousel = document.getElementById('carousel');
      if (carousel.getActiveIndex() === 0)
    var next = function() {
      var carousel = document.getElementById('carousel');
      // alert(carousel.getActiveIndex());
      if (carousel.getActiveIndex() === carousel.itemCount-1)
    ons.ready(function() {
      var carousel = document.addEventListener('postchange', function(event) {
        console.log('Changed to ' + event.activeIndex)

  • ![0_1518399090816_bug222.gif](Uploading 100%)

    React carousel Bug?