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AJAX Requests won't work with phonegap Build

  • Hello guys,
    For some reason AJAX requests to an external API won’t work while using Onsen and Phonegap Build. My CSP is correct, and I have wildcards on the tags in config.xml. The requests just doesn’t work — does anyone knows what to do?

  • @mateusjatenee could you be more specific what your issue is. In general Ajax calls should work. Do they work in your browser? You can have a look at the onsen ui tutorials how one can do it:, but you need to be more specific in order to help you.

  • @patrick they work just fine on the browser. Whitelist is set good and so is CSP. I have no idea why they don’t work with phonegap build. If I try to console.log the error callback object I don’t get anything, but I can guarantee I get the error callback because If I do something like console.log(‘didn’t work’); I’ll get it.

    I appreciate any help!