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SPAM all over this forum!!

  • For the past a few days there have lots of spam postings on this forum? Am the only one noticing this?
    I have not seen any reactions from management or anyone. Maybe the spam is too much to see them?

  • Onsen UI

    @jamal There is a lot of spam the last days, yes, but we are actually removing it. I guess we should update the forum software to improve security.

  • I know Fran Diox is longer working for Onsen.

    However, the spam filled forum is a concern that nothing is being done about it over 3 months later!!

    Are our profiles secure?
    Is our code securely saved?

    Please fix this nonsense!


  • Onsen UI

    Hi @jamal, sorry about the increase in spam recently. There is no vulnerability in the forum software, but our spam protection is unfortunately still not very good. We are hoping to upgrade the forum software soon to improve the spam protection features.

  • Almost 2 years laters and SPAM and SCAM is still spreading on this forum!!
    C’mon! Fix your forum!!