not working(free plan)

  • Goo day,
    Somebody please assist I have been battling with monaca backend user management. I imported the sample memo app did the minimum backend setup required but wont work. Jquery mobile is also being installed. Neither the .done() nor the .error() function execute. console.log( shows :
    {Push: {…}, timeout: 30000, url: “%%%CLOUD_HOST%%%”, backendId: “%%%BACKEND_ID%%%”, apiKey: “%%%BACKEND_API_KEY%%%”, …} along with other properties on this object(Its a pity I cannot upload image).

    I am on a free package, just not sure if that could be the factor

  • Monaca

    @Thokozani-Gwiliza How did you test the project? On Monaca debugger? Please note that Monaca Backend is not available on Monaca Debugger. You will need to build the app to test the project with Monaca Backend.

  • Yes I have been testing on Monaca Debugger. I will try build and test on a device. Thank you so much for your prompt response. Monaca really is one of the best cloud IDE tool I have come ever across and with Guys like you really makes it easy.

  • @khemry worked like a charm. Thanks once again!!!

  • Monaca

    @Thokozani-Gwiliza No problem. I’m glad your issue is resolved. :D

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