Ajax loader UI

  • Hi,

    First thank you or awesome framework very easy to use save me a lots of time,
    keep on going you on the right track !

    Next i have question, does Onsen have some support in ajax loader UI ?

    Again thank you

  • @eli I think you are looking for <ons-icon> with the spin attribute. Learn more here: https://onsen.io/guide/overview.html#UsingIcons

  • Try something like this.
    Hope this helps.

    <div ng-show="respose_from_ajax==undefined">
        <span style='opacity: 0.7;'>
            <ons-icon icon='fa-spinner' spin='true'></ons-icon>
            loading now ...

  • @tfutada thank you this is what i did with $httpProvider listing to outgoing ajax calls and show/hide the spinner

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