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UX/UI creator and generalist

  • At Aptivate we don’t have job titles. We are generalists with cross-cutting skills and responsibilities, and most of us specialize in a few areas, for example, software development, project management or design. We often change roles depending on what needs doing and how a team is made up. We are all responsible for the organisation’s wellbeing. There’s currently nine of us and we often find that we need more capacity to work in a Lead UX or Visual design role.

    We are looking for a generalist, with user experience and visual design skills. However, this is more than just a UX/UI design role. At Aptivate we are equally responsible for setting and working towards our mission. You would have equal ownership and responsibility over Aptivate and become part of what makes it work.

    What we look for in every Aptivate member:

    A desire to use their skills to help others
    Passion for working in international development
    Willing to travel to less-developed countries as part of their work
    2+ years experience working on web projects
    Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
    Self-motivated and resourceful
    Attributes we need this person to have:

    Skills in UX through to UI, interaction and visual design
    Comfortable taking on a design leadership role on software development projects
    Ability to solve user experience (UX) problems
    Familiar with creating UI Developer design processes to suit the project’s needs
    Experience in user testing and analysing results to make recommendations
    Confident to design and facilitate workshops and interviews with clients and users
    Experience in creating artefacts to support a project, eg. wireframes and prototypes, user journeys, personas, information architecture, reports and more
    Strong visual design skills and experience in creating graphic mockups (using software like Inkscape or Adobe CS)
    A passion for getting to the root of problems in order to create a vision for solutions