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Taking Your Mobile Application Further with Onsen UI 2

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    Hi there, this is Fran Dios from Onsen UI team. In this article I’d like to show the latest news about Onsen UI that we are currently implementing and how to use them.

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    This app has been also implemented in Vanilla JavaScript without any framework. Code is available here.

  • Nice article,

    It would be awesome if you could shed some lights about creating reusable Onsen components and also guide about the internals, we intend to build set our own set of UI directives for our product use and share them with other department who want to build onsen apps.

    Thanks for the article

  • Onsen UI

    @dojoVader I’m glad you liked it. What do you ean with creating reusable Onsen components? Onsen UI is already made up of reusable components.

    I just created another branch in that repo with pure JS implementation without AngularJS. Perhaps you like it :)

  • I was talking about the internals of Onsen, e.g when a Dialog is created , a DoorLock is called to block the navigator from going back, I meant if i were to create my own element like the Dialog class what are the internal objects we need to be aware of. But thanks I am looking at the source and my colleague thanks you for the tutorial. we are heavily interested in the new Onsen2 :sunglasses:

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    @dojoVader Oh I see! There are also few methods in util and internal that we use. There are many examples in the code so it should be a matter of copy-paste :sweat_smile:
    If you find any problem in the code feel free to report it on Github or send a PR ;)

  • hi,
    am new here and am finding it difficult to use the template of onsen in monaca please can you please help me out , i tried putting some of the codes onsen has already made in my monaca platform but it turn out not to work, please help me out

  • Onsen UI

    @Achie-Richie Please read this and then open a new topic with your questions in Monaca Tools or Onsen UI category. We need to see code to help you :)