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Onsen 2.0 sliding menu without angular?

  • Will 2.0 eventually support the sliding menu without angular? Currently I am only interested in building app with React and don’t want to have angular in the mix… But some of the JS components of Onsen 2.0 still rely on angular… What is the deal with removing angular fully from 2.0… The most important component I want is the sliding menu and that relies on angular…


  • Onsen UI

    In Onsen 2.0 ons-sliding-menu and ons-split-view were substituted by ons-splitter. Please check this article and this reference page for Onsen UI 2.0. For compatibility reasons, the first two will be available for AngularJS as well so it’s easier to port apps from 1.x to 2.

  • Awesome… I am so in love with this framework…