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myNavigator is not defined

  • Hi me again,

    im using the USAGE of the ons-navigator (

    By click on the “Push Page” button the page throws an error: myNavigator is not defined.

    i included this js files:
    <script src=“lib/onsenui/js/angular/angular.js”></script>
    <script src=“lib/onsenui/js/onsenui.js”></script>

    can someone help me. did i make a mistake.

    Thanks mentizm

  • Hi @mentizm !

    You need to use the var attribute of the <ons-navigator> like this:

    <ons-navigator var="myNavigator">

    By doing this, it is bound as a variable and you can access it with $scope.myNavigator in AngularJS.

    Here is a simple example on Codepen that illustrates this:

    In the case you are using the Onsen UI 2.0 beta, you also need to include onsenui-angular.js since we’ve split the AngularJS bindings to a separate file.

    Also, if you are not using AngularJS, the var attribute does not work. Instead you can just select the element and push the page:

    <ons-navigator id="my-navigator"></ons-navigator>
    var navigator = document.getElementById('my-navigator')