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Problem with ons.GestureDetector / onmousedown

  • Hi there,

    I am working on an little App with OnsenUI and want to implement a hold-interaction on a dynamically generated div. If possible, I don’t want to dynamically register & destroy multiple event-Handlers, but would rather have something in the style of the onclick-property:

    <div id="something" onclick="myFunction()"></div>

    I tried to find any example using the ons.GestureDetector but could not find any without registering event-handlers. Then I switched to simple javascript and tried to do a custom solution with the onmousedown and onmouseup -properties:

    <div id="something" onmousedown="startTimer()" onmouseup="stopTimer()"></div>

    This should work, but I noticed some strange behaviour I can’t explain: The oonmousedown and onmouseup event are only triggered when I do a normal click on the div. If I press down and hold, the events ARE NOT fired. I do have a ons-ripple element insied the div, but even without this, the onmousedown is not triggered when I hold the mousebutton.

    Is this something related to OnsenUI? Does Onsen somehow redirect clicks? Or is this another problem I do not see?

    thanks in advance for any response!