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Monaca Debugger not working since the last update (on my Android 8.1)

  • Hello,
    I can’t use anymore monaca. When I start the app, an error appears. Like Monaca stopped working. I’m using a nexus 5x on Android 8.1.0. Restore the app or restart the smartphone didn’t work.
    How can I fix it ?
    Best Regards

  • Monaca

    @CharlesPoullain Which Monaca app is crashing? Store-version Monaca Debugger (found at AppStore/Google Play)? If so, which Monaca Debugger version are you using? If it’s custom Monaca Debugger, the crashes may cause by installing the app with the same name. Please make sure to remove previous custom debugger with the same name before installing a new one. If that’s not the case, please show me the screenshot of your Cordova Plugins page.

  • Hi @khemry !
    It’s the store-version in the Play Store. I’m currently using the lastest version available on the store (7.0.1).
    I tried uninstall and reinstall it but it didn’t work.

  • Monaca

    @CharlesPoullain Hmmm… So far, we have not received any report about such issue with the latest Monaca Debugger. What kind of Android device are you using? Please tell us more about the spec of your device such OS version & Model.