How to link login info from an external database to Monaca created app?

  • Hello!

    I’m currently using Caspio to build a website and would like the app to access the tables I’ve created for logins.

    Using API, can I call upon those tables for the app to reference?

    Thank you!

  • Monaca

    @Chicken_noodle By tables, you mean tables within a database? If so, yes. You can use RESTful api to access the database from Monaca apps.

  • Thank you! I’m new to this, so how exactly do I implement this?

    I have my token endpoint, request endpoint, client ID and client secret.

    I’ve created a login form using <ons-input> and upon clicking the sign in button I have a function login()

    I know I have to code it in JavaScript. Is this going to be extensive?

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