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Monaca Compilation

  • Does Monaca compile my app to native code? Or JavaScript code? How does it work. I can’t find any documentation.

  • Monaca

    @rgins16 Monaca is using Cordova to build the apps. Therefore, how Monaca works is the same as how Cordova works. Here is a snippet of how Cordova works taken from this article:

    Cordova’s user interface is a web view. You can think of the web view as a tab in a browser. When you compile a Cordova application, 
    it doesn’t actually take your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code and automagically converts it into native code, specific to each platform.
    Cordova acts as a container for the app that you write using web technologies. When the app is compiled, your code actually stays 
    intact. The compiler just takes your code and makes it available to the web view for rendering.