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How can I change the color for a ons-list-item

  • I want to change the styles to the v-ons-list-item by some conditions.
    Like the bug type to bee blue line,
    issues to be green line.
    If I use the background-color: #xxxxxx
    it will be very bad look.


    What I can do better?

  • OK,
    I know how to do …
    use background: rgba(54, 25, 25, .5);
    opacity will look better.

  • Look it that~lol

  • This post is deleted!

  • I was looking for the same solution from a long time but I was not getting any solution for the same.
    I tried the above shared steps and they really worked for me.
    Kaspersky Customer Service

  • If you want to use a square or other HTML character instead of a bullet in your unordered list, you can use this method to do that as well. For more, you may contact to HP Support Number where you can easily resolve your query.

  • Some of the time it is valuable to change the shot shade of a rundown thing to some other shading other than the content shading. We can do this utilizing CSS.
    For instance, maybe you have a bulleted rundown, and you need to keep the content dark, however make the shots green.

    There is no CSS rule for announcing the shade of li or ul shots straightforwardly. In spite of the fact that it would be cool if there were a simple method to do this.
    All internet browsers render the slug in indistinguishable shading from the content naturally.
    What you can do is change the shade of the rundown thing projectiles with CSS by killing the default slugs that the program puts in, and including new shots in your coveted shading Telstra Broadband Contact