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Fixing Code for “random crack pairings matchup generator” need help

  • I’m a complete newbie to JavaScript. I’m trying to create a random crack pairings generator that matches names with prompts. After I added more lists, this stopped working - no prompts or names come up and I can’t spot the error.

    <!doctype html>
    <head><title>Crack Pairings Matchup Generator</title>
    <script language="JavaScript">
    function d(num, sides)
        var result = 0;
        for(var i=0; i<num; i++)
            result += 1 + Math.floor(Math.random() * sides);
        return result;
    function init_table()
        return [table_1, table_2, table_3, table_4, table_5, table_6][d(1, 6) - 1]();
    function table_1()
        var chars =
    "Grunt or DUCK!Grunt",
    "Subject Zero",
    "Shepard or Both Shepards",
    "Collector General",
    "Tela Vasir" ];
        var choice = d(1, 20);
        if(choice <= 18)
            return chars[choice];
        else if(choice ==19)
            return "(" + table_1() + " + " + table_1() + ")";
            return "(Gender-switched " + table_1() + ")";
    function table_2()
        var chars =
    "Armando Bailey",
    "The Illusive Man",
    "Kelly Chambers",
    "Aria T'Loak",
    "Kenneth Donnelly",
    "Gabriella Daniels",
    "Matriarch Aethyta",
    "Doctor Gavin Archer",
    "Conrad Verner" ];
        var choice = d(1, 20);
        if(choice <= 17)
            return chars[choice];
        else if(choice ==18)
            return "(" + table_2() + " + " + table_2() + ")";
        else if(choice == 19)
            return "(" + init_table() + " + " + init_table() + ")";
            return "(Gender-switched " + table_2() + ")";
    function table_3()
        var chars =
                     "Ashley Williams",
    "Kaidan Alenko",
    "Urdnot Wrex",
    "Rachni Queen",
    "Tank Bred Krogan",
    "Matriarch Benezia",
    "Saren Arterius",
    "Human reaper",
    "James Vega",
    "Krogan Princess",
    "Kai Leng",
    "Strictly!Book Character e.g. Kahlee Sanders/ Skarr/ Edan Had'dah",
    "Shepard VI"];
        var choice = d(1, 20);
        if(choice <= 17)
            return chars[choice];
        else if(choice ==19)
            return "(" + table_3() + " + " + table_3() + ")";
        else if(choice == 18)
            return "(" + init_table() + " + " + init_table() + ")";
            return "(Gender-switched " + table_3() + ")";
    function table_4()
        var chars =
    "Ambassador Calyn",
    "Archangle's Squad Mate(s)",
    "Mad Prophet",
    "Executor Pallin",
    "Mechs - LOKI/ FENRIS/ YMIR",
    "Lorik Qui'in",
    "Captain Kirrahe",
    "Garrus's Flexible Lady-friend",
    "A clone or AU version of themselves/ itself",
    "Citadel Souvenir(s) - fish and/or model ships",
    "Any gunship/ starship"];
        var choice = d(1, 20);
        if(choice <= 17)
            return chars[choice];
        else if(choice ==19)
            return "(" + table_4() + " + " + table_4() + ")";
        else if(choice == 18)
            return "(" + init_table() + " + " + init_table() + ")";
            return "(Gender-switched " + table_4() + ")";
    function table_5()
        var chars =
    "Thresher Maw",
    "Female Alien(s) not appearing in ME2",
    "Dr. Amanda Kenson",
    "Emily Wong",
    "Anyone/ Everyone in C-Sec",
    "Corporal Toombs",
    "Legendary or Historical Character e.g. Shiagur",
    "Bachelor Party from Eternity",
    "Anyone/ Everyone in the Afterlife Club",
    "Friendzoned Turian and his Quarian Friend",
    "Mercenaries (Blood Pack/ Blue Suns/ Eclipse/ Grim Skulls/ Tiburón Rojo",
        var choice = d(1, 20);
        if(choice <= 17)
            return chars[choice];
        else if(choice ==19)
            return "(" + table_5() + " + " + table_5() + ")";
        else if(choice == 18)
            return "(" + init_table() + " + " + init_table() + ")";
            return "(Gender-switched " + table_5() + ")";
    function table_6()
        var chars =
                      "Khalisah al-Jilani",
    "Hannah Shepard",
    "Admiral Hackett",
    "Gianna Parasini",
    "The entire Reaper Fleet",
    "The Council / any Council member",
    "Space Hamster",
    "Vido Santiago",
        var choice = d(1, 20);
        if(choice <= 16)
            return chars[choice];
        else if(choice ==17)
            return "(" + table_5() + " + " + table_5() + ")";
        else if(choice == 18)
            return "(" + table_1() + " + " + table_2() + " + " + table_3() + " + " + table_4() + "+ " + table_5() + ")";
        else if(choice == 19)
            return "(" + init_table() + " + " + init_table() + ")";
            return  "(Gender-switched " + table_6() + ")";
    function roll()
        document.getElementById("results").innerHTML = init_table() + " + " + init_table();
    function spd()
     var chars=
    "Unrequited love /Jealousy",
    “Chuck Norris facts in Soviet Russia”,
    "Threesome/ More-some with your character(s) of choice",
    "Alternate Universe/ Crossover",
    "Drunkenness/ Mass Drunkenness/ the Morning After",
    "Snowed in/ Enclosed Spaces ",
    “Trapped on a Desert Island / Grounded”,
    "Biotics/ Very Roughly",
    "In the Afterlife",
    "Masturbation/ Caught masturbating ",
    "Mind Control/ Indoctrination",
    "Aliens Made Them Do It",
    "Love/ hate relationship or Hate-sex",
    "Virginity/ Beware the Nice Ones", 
    "Pregnancy (use male pregnancy if needed)",
    “Forced Impregnation e.g. via implantation of parasitical babies”,
    "Noncon or Dubcon",
    "French maid costume/ Leather/ other clothing kink",
    "BDSM/ Spanking/ Sex as Rite-of-Passage",
    "Weapon-play e.g. Gunplay or Knife play",
    "Pegging/ Frot/ Grinding",
    "Doing it in Public/ It’s always the Quiet Ones",
    "High school setting/ Everyone as Children",
    "Character(s) as Vampire/ Werewolf/ Space Zombies/ Husk/ Any form of Undead",
    "Everyone is a furry version of themselves/ As Cat boys & Girls", 
    "Species Swap/ Body Swap",
    "I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream/ Right Through their Pants or Armour",
    "Someone is unconscious, dead or dying/ Johnny Got His Gun",
    "Porn Starring in a Video or Magazine",
    "Allergic or Hallucinatory Reaction/ It’s Personal",
    "Bedtime Story/ Noodle Incident ",
    "In the Midst of Battle/ Abandoned Warehouse ",
    "Part of a Bargain/ This is Revenge",
    "U.S.T/ Morality",
    "Someone has or gains an STD",
    "With Mass Effect Memes/ Candle Jack kidnaps the reapers and saves the Uni",
    "Adoption or Swearing of Brotherhood/ Sisterhood",  
    "Strip Dance/ Lap dance/ Stealing Christmas",
    "Mistaken identity or gender/ Stolen Identity",
    "Murder/ Contract to Kill",
    "Tentacles/ Too Kinky to Torture",
    "Snuff/ Sexbot/ Kick the Dog",
    "Blood play/ Torture/ Orgasm Denial",
    "Sports/ Sparring session/ non-lethal Shootout",
    "Trollfic/ Stylistic Suck ",
    "Mental Illness/ Emotional Trauma/ Brain Bleach",
    "69/ Autofellatio",
    "Hidden or Unknown Identity/ Gender"
    "While Shepard is Driving/ Corruption",
    "Someone writes Fan fiction/ Oh Crap There Are Fanfics of Us",
    "Virtual sex e.g. by Phone or Hologram(s)",
    "Aphrodisiac/ Losing control",
    "Someone is sick or injured/ Hot Nurse",
    "Body paint/ It’s an Art",
    "Direct Nerve Stimulation/ The Hunter Becomes The Hunted",  
    "Scat (or scat singing if you’re not up to it)",
    "Blind Date or First Date",
    "Hacked Implants / Suit(s)/ Armour",
    "Carnage fetish / Pyrophilia/ Explosions turn me on",
    "Pranks/ Prank Date/ OMG what did I just eat",
    "Starting a Relationship to get back at someone",
    "While thinking of someone else",
    "Planking/ LOLCATS",
    "Wedding/ Shotgun wedding ",
    "As a Bet/ Meet Cute ",
    "Infidelity/ Foot Fetish",
    "Memory Loss",
    "Meeting the Parents/ All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy",
    "Undercover Mission/ Undercover as Lovers, slave/master or Family (Nanny and pets included)",
    "Love Triangle / Dodecagon (Imaginary or Not)",
    "Secret Relationship/ Relationship Denial",
    "Allergic to Love/ Twice Shy/ Love Shy",
    "Anguished Declaration of Love",
    "Breakup/ Better As Friends (With or Without Makeup)",
    "Interruption of: Romance, Sex or Suicide",
    "Clueless Magnet/ Eternity ",
    "Dancing Together/ Videogame",
    "Dying Declaration of Love/ Mistaken for Dying",
    "Star Crossed Lovers/ Total Party Kill/ Death by Snu Snu",
    "Friends with Benefits/ Gentle Pretence",
    "Glomping/ Cuddle Monster",
    "Tea Party/ Birthday Party",
    "Growing Old together/ Sickeningly Sweethearts",
    "Happiness in Slavery/ Bought and Sold as a Slave",
    "Home world Visit/ Fandom Bicycle",
    "If I Can't Have You — Then No One Else Will!",
    "Incompatible Sexual Orientation or Species Orientation (With or Without Emotional Attraction)",
    "ON YOUR SIX/ Flank watch/ Loveable Meat shield",
    "Love at first: sight/ fight/ voice call or recording",
    "Long Distance Relationship/ Force Feeding",  
    "Love makes you OOC/ Character Derailment",
    "Political Reasons/ Conspiracy",
     “X times they don’t and the one time they do”,
    “Kissing/ New Years Kiss/ Kissing it Better”,
    "Collar / Leash/ Blindfold",
    "Dying of Embarrassment (Literally or Not)",
    "Voyeurism/ I like to watch you sleep/ Ceiling Cat",
    "Amusement Park/ Zoo/ Circus ",
    "Health Check-up/ Health Check-up of the Unmentionables ",
    "All involved parties are injured and in Med bay",
    "Shore leave/ Holiday celebrations",
    "The Musical/ Songfic ",
    “Audio Erotica/ Foreign Language”,
    “Serenade Your Lover / Bawdy Song”,
    “Singing Telegram/ Single Chance”,
    "Purple Prose/ Love Poetry",
    "Do a Barrel Roll/ Fairy Godparent",
    "Pirate-speak/ LOLCAT speak/ Yoda Speak/ 1337 Speak",
    "Comparing Scars/ Tales from the Past",
    "Asphyxiation (Erotic or Not)",
    "My Job Comes First/ Fridge Logic",
    "Rescue Romance/ Bad Romance",
    "Friendly Fire/ Accident/ Shipwreck",
    "Innuendo/ Double Entendre",
    "Sexual Predator/ Stalker/ Stalker with a Test Tube for your DNA",
    "Cooking/ Culinary disaster",
    "Their Parents or Siblings Get Together",
    "Back from the Dead (I got better) / Back from the Dead with the Power of LOVE",
    "Against All Odds/ Nobody Thinks It Will Work",
    “Playing Chicken/ Playing Dead/ Playing Hard To Get",
    "I will do ANYTHING for you/ Romantic Hyperbole",
    "Pirate/ Ninja/ Cyborg/ Hide and Seek",
    "Kidnapped (By somebody inside or outside of the pairing)",
    "You’re just a Toy/ the Cake was a Lie",  
    "Better Than Sex/ Mary Sueism ",
    "Breaking Furniture/ Someone is a Screamer/ Battle Cry",
    "Compensating for Something/ Why so Serious?",
    "Big or Exotic Equipment/ Help! I'm being repressed",
    "Ambiguous in Whether Sex ensued/ G-rated Sex",
    "This Isn't What It Looks like",
    "Sexism: Fear of Cooties/ Boys are stupid throw rocks at them",
    "Sexual Condition e.g. Paraphilias/ Hypersexuality/ Priapism/ Sexsomnia",
    "I'm very sensitive/ I didn’t mean to hurt you ",
    "Someone Cleans Up Nicely/ Putting On Makeup ",
    "Imprisonment/ Separated by the wall",
    "Train Station Goodbye/ One Last Fling",
    "Matchmaker/ Sarcasm/ Dear Sister ",
    "I can Wait/ Worth the Wait/ Missing you",
    "NARM/ Smaltz/ Heroic Blue Screen of Death",
    "Emo/ Goth/ Preps ",
    "No John, you are the demons/ Big Loud Scream/ KHAAAN",
    "Courtroom Blues/ Chewbacca Defense”,
     “Funeral/ Funeral Site/ My Heart Will Go On",
    "Divorce:  fighting for custody/ All just a Dream (or not)",
    "Everyone is Gay or Bi/ Awkward or Fail Sex ",
    "Beautiful All Along/ Killing with ugliness",
    "Monty Python/ Killer Rabbit/ No one expects the Spanish Inquisition", 
    "Pokemon/ the A-Team/ Doctor Who",
    "Poking/ Tickling/ Massage",
    "Rules of the Internet/ Anything worth doing is worth overdoing",
    "As a Poem/ Constrained Writing e.g. Lipogram or Acrostics",
    “Kid fic/ Delivery Stork/ Mutant Babies/ Dead baby comedy”,
     “Fluff/ Cuteness Overload”,
    “Fix or Wreck Fic/ Nice Job Breaking It, Hero/ It Got Worse”,
    “Creative usage/ Refuge in Audacity/ More Dakka”,
    “Shower/ Spa/ Onsen”,
    “Fairy Tale/ Mind Screw”,
    “Secret Diary/ Memoir/ Beyond the Impossible”,
    “Misunderstood/ Poor Communication Kills”,
    “Salvation/ Mentor/ Berserk Button”,
    “The Wind Changed/ Old Wife’s Tale”,
    “The fantastical adventures of – “,
    “Innocence/ Accidental Pervert”,
     “Big Lipped Alligator Moment/ Only Sane Man/ Redshirts”,
     “Waiting for Godot/ Shakespeare”,
    “Time Travel/ Time Loop”,
    “Precision F Strike/ Blame/ Momma’s Boy or Girl”,
    “Retro Glory/ Remembrance”,
    “Apologize/ Naked Apologizing”,
    “Freedom/ Pride/ Betrayal”,
    “Emotionless/ Emotional Vampire”,
    “Manipulative Bastard/ Master of Illusion”,
    “Bluff/ Bavarian Fire Drill”,
    “Sexual Harassment/ Sexual Harassment played as Comedy (e.g. two fat cocks + oil)”,
    “Awkwardness/ Hand stuck while-Pick pocketing”,
    “Cannibalism/ Food Fetish/ I eat babies”,
    “Air quotes/ Hypocrite/ Role-playing”,
    “Argument/ It’s MINE and you can’t have it”,
    “Sacrifice/ Sacrificial Sock”,
    “Physics/ Schroeder's cat”,
    “Flopsy/ the Butler Did It”,
     “Hurry up, it’s urgent/ Emergency/ Just in time”,
    "Translator Glitch/ Dirty Hungarian Phrasebook",
    "Lampshade Hanging/ Epileptic Trees/ Fourth Wall”,
    "Verbose/ Shut Up Kiss",
    "Spanish Prisoner/ Landmark Sale ",
    "Kansas City Shuffle/ Violin Scam”,
    "The Rainmaker/ the Sting",
    "Cultural Shock/ Misunderstanding"];
        var choice = d(1, 93);
        if(choice <= 93)
            return chars[choice];
            return spd() + " + " + spd();
    function show_spd()
        document.getElementById("spd").innerHTML = spd();
    <input type="button" value="Roll" onclick="roll();"></input>
    <input type="button" value="Plot Device" onclick="show_spd();"></input>
    <p><div id="results"></div></p>
    <p><div id="spd"></div></p>