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How to ask a question.

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    Welcome to our Community Forum! Before you get started we want to make sure you understand how to ask a question in our community. Please read the next guidelines before asking questions about your issues. It’s very likely you will get answers quicker and much better if you follow these tips:

    Is it proper for this site?

    If your issue is mostly related to your front-end framework, database connection or any other matter rather than Onsen UI or Monaca, perhaps you will obtain better results asking it on Stack Overflow with the corresponding tags. Probably it will have better visibility and get answers from experts who master those other technologies.

    Recheck the documentation.

    We recommend reading the Onsen UI and Monaca docs before asking any questions. Your issue may be explained there and could save you plenty of time. Also, have a look at the interactive tutorial first.

    Has it been asked before?

    Try to find past topics that address your issues. You can use the search engine of this forum or filter topics by tags. Also remember to check Onsen UI or Monaca tags on Stack Overflow. Or simply filter Google results by site: <your question>.

    Use “Ask as Question” option and tags.

    Please create new topics under the correct category and use the “Ask as Question” option whenever possible:


    Once the community has answered your question properly you can mark the topic as solved:


    Moreover, please do use tags. It’s a super easy and efficient way to index topics. For instance, if your question has to do with ons-navigator, just tag it with “ons-navigator”. This way we keep the forum organized and accessible to future users who have similar troubles.

    Explain it as if you were talking to a very busy person.

    Actually, you probably are. Therefore, please explain your issue in a concise but complete way and don’t leave details to interpretation. Include enough information to understand everything but no more than needed! Some information that is usually helpful is:

    • Version of Onsen UI or any other related libraries you use (e.g. AngularJS).
    • Testing browser or device and its OS version.
    • Cordova and plugins version.
    • Exact error that you get in the console (if any).

    Include working examples, code and any other resources.

    Whenever possible, please include a link to Codepen, JSFiddle or any other service where you reproduce your issue. This is the best way to ask for help since other people don’t need to spend that much time trying to understand and test your problem. In order to make a working example quickly, you can simply find a similar pattern in the playground app, modify it and click on “Export to Codepen”. It will always use the latest version of Onsen UI by default.

    Also include enough code to understand the problem in the post itself. We prefer to speak in JavaScript rather than in English but please don’t exceed. Post the necessary code, not your whole app! Otherwise it will be messy and hard to understand.

    You can include any other resources that you consider important to understand your question. For example you can add links to external pages or embed images in the post (drag and drop the images to the composer).


    Read your question at least one more time and try to imagine another person reading your question. Make sure it has a brief and descriptive title and is easy to understand. Also, please mind your grammar and spelling for everyone’s sake. The easier to understand the question is, the more willing people are to answer it.

    If you have read and understood these guidelines, please go ahead and enjoy our community!
    Monaca & Onsen UI Team

  • @onsenui said in How to ask a question.:

    You can include any other resources that you consider important to understand your question. For example you can add links to external pages or embed images in the post (drag and drop the images to the composer).

    interesting great information :)

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