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Migration from jQuery to Onsen UI on localhost

  • I rely on jQuery & jQM spiced with fistful of HTML and CSS during process of making small application and compiled by using PhoneGap Build Service online in order to produce an .apk for my tablets. Due that I have already installed Apache 2 on my local computer for purpose of testing before compiling. My way of creating apps on this way is slow and everything is done by using Notepad++ or Sublime. I saw features of Onsen UI and I would like to try it and to “translate” my finished apps made with jQ & jQM into new look provided by Onsen.
    What I need to download (Win7 Pro) and how to install it in order to get fully functional IDE? Thank you.

  • Onsen UI

    @Les Hi! If you want to use the Cloud IDE, have a look at Monaca. Otherwise, everything related to Onsen UI is explained in the Getting Started guide. Sublime or Notepad++ are perfectly valid local editors to make apps. Other suggestions are Visual Studio Code, WebStorm or simply VIM.