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iOS App upload

  • Hi,

    currently i am using the developer plan to manage my apps and i am very satisfied with the service. Thanks for the good work. I have seen the “Monaca Upload Feature” in the docs and noticed that the payment is per app. Now i am wondering if the payment is linked to an app id?

    The scenario i am thinking about is the following. I upload an app (app id = “de.ggApps.testapp”) to the monaca IDE and buy the “Monaca Upload Feature” for this app. Now i delete the app from the IDE and upload the app with the same app id to the IDE again. Is the service still enabled?

    Thank you

  • Monaca

    @mjessen The service charge is linked to the project ID, not the app ID. In other words, if you delete the project which you paid for the upload service, you will need to pay for the new project. Even if the new project is using the same app ID or content, you will need to pay for the upload service because the new project has different project ID. Each project has a unique project ID.