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Request: template of OnsenUI + VueJS

  • There is no implicit monaca template in monaca cloud ide combinatied OnsenUI + VueJS.

    There is a note: “Monaca Cloud IDE cannot support this framework type since it requires to transpile the source code to JavaScript. Therefore, you need to setup the local environment with Monaca CLI, our command line tool.”

    I have (and use!) my own template for monaca ide - OnsenUI 2.x + VueJS 2.x

    So, I have the request: please add templates (OnsenUI + VueJS).

  • Monaca

    @pablo74 As stating in the note, Monaca Cloud IDE has not supported Vue framework yet. That’s why there is no OnsenUI + VueJS template. Currently, we only have this template for Monaca CLI. Please refer to here.

    I have (and use!) my own template for monaca ide - OnsenUI 2.x + VueJS 2.x

    Are you sure you were able to use Onsen UI+VueJS on Monaca Cloud IDE? It’s impossible because Vue projects require transpiling which is not available on Cloud IDE at the moment.

  • @khemry While in general I agree, I am confused though as to why it works on CodePen, for example, this very basic example:

  • Onsen UI

    @munsterlander That would also work in Monaca. However, Vue has many more features than that. Normally Vue developers prefer ES6 syntax and Vue Single File components rather than writing all ES5 components in index.html (like in Codepen). These features I mention require bundlers like Webpack and compilers like Babel, which are not currently supported in Monaca.

  • @khemry
    Yes, I am sure what I use. Onsen + VueJS from my own template.

    I use VueJS “old way” - no webpack, no ES6 (2015) JS code, no single file (.vue) components.

    In my case everything works fine.