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How to navigate within pages

  • Hello Everyone,
    I am new to Onsen but i have been trying to get myself on the track for a few days now but i have been hooked down by one annoying problem PLEASE HELP ME!! I was able to navigate using tabbar but i do not know how to navigate within one page for example if i click on a Get Started button it should take me to the next page.

  • You need an ons-navigator element to implement a stack navigation to your app. You can find an example in the documentation ons-navigator

    In most of my apps i use a tabbar as main navigation and the stack navigation to push/pop sub-pages. To do so i set the ons-navigator element in my index and use the tabbar as page:

     <ons-navigator id="navigator" page="tabbar.html"></ons-navigator>

    Now you can use a querySelector to access the navigator and handle your stack management. Here is an example of pushing a page to your stack:

    document.querySelector('#navigator').pushPage('yoursubpage.html', {data: {title: 'subpage Title', content: 'subpage content'}});

    In the documentation is shown how you can set an “init”-eventListener to get the pushed data. In my example the “title” and the “content” i want to set on the page. Hope this helps…

  • Hi,
    Thank very much it helps @mjessen i was able to implement it and it worked but there is one issue again… After pushing to sub-pages the tabbar disappeared the tabbar appears at the landing page alone… Dunno know maybe i am doing something wrong… Please i want the tabbar to show on all pages. both main pages and subpages…

    Thank you so much in advance…

  • You can handle the tabbar visibility with the following code


    Maybe it is better to this inside the prepush-Event and not inside the init

  • Onsen UI

    @amco If you want to keep the tabbar, you have to include your ons-navigator as a child of the tabbar, not as a parent. Therefore, put it in the tabbar page where you want the navigation. You can have several navigators if necessary, one on each tabbar page

  • @Fran-Diox i actually declare ons-navigator as the layout like this

    <ons-navigator id=“myNavigator” page=“tabbar.html”></ons-navigator>

    I now have a template tag with the id tabbar.html that is extending my tabbar in the ons-navigator like this

    <template id=“tabbar.html”>
    <ons-page id=“tabbar-page”>
    <ons-tabbar position=“bottom”>
    <ons-tab page=“home.html” label=“Home” icon=“ion-home” active></ons-tab>

          <ons-tab page="LogBook.html" label="Log Book" icon="ion-ios-book">
          <ons-tab page="LogBook.html" label="Find" icon="ion-ios-search-strong">
          <ons-tab page="LogBook.html" label="Support" icon="ion-person-stalker">
          <ons-tab page="LogBook.html" label="More" icon="ion-more">

    How can i make th ons-navigator the child of tabbar. Please can you explain more looking at my code above. Thanks in advance

  • Onsen UI

    @amco Just move your tabbar to index.html (without <template> tag) and place a navigator in every ons-tab's page where you need navigation. Quick example here. This pattern is normally used without sliding animations but that’s up to you.

  • @Fran-Diox Yeah!!! Is working fine now. The tabbar is showing on all the pages i need them to sho Thank you very much i really appreciate. Being able to fix that i am having another issue now on my next page… Dunno maybe you can help with this as well

    I have a design with Select Input, so what i want to do is after i select any option at of the options i should now click on next button to take me to next page base on what i select… Dunno maybe you understand if yes is there any suggestion for me? Thanks.

  • Onsen UI

    @amco Not sure where exactly you have the issue. You can just read the select value on button click and then myNavigator.pushPage('nextPage', { data: { selectValue: ... } }).

  • @Fran-Diox thanks for getting back to me ASAP. I searched all through the internet maybe i can see something to read as you mentioned ( You can just read the select value on button click ) but i found nothing yet.

    Here is my problem again… I have SELECT tag with 3 options and a button called NEXT. So what i want to do is that when i select any option and i clicked on NEXT button it should go to another page. Thanks

  • Onsen UI

    @amco So can’t you do something like this?

    function buttonClick() {
        .pushPage('nextPage', {
          data: {
            value: document.querySelector('ons-select').value

    Actually, the page with the ons-select remains in the DOM so you can even access it with document.querySelector when you are in the next page already…

  • @Fran-Diox ons-back-button isn’t working inside ons-navigator? Any idea?

  • @mjessen I know this topic is quite old but i just feel like explaining this part the more…

    You will have to first set navigator inside your index file like this… <ons-navigator id=“navigator” page=“tabbar.html”></ons-navigator>

    You will now create a query selector inside your script tag just like this… document.querySelector(’#navigator’).pushPage(‘yoursubpage.html’, {data: {title: ‘subpage Title’, content: ‘subpage content’}});

    You will now go to your href and add the name of the file just like this… yoursubpage.html

    I hope this helps anybody in need of it