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Routing between pages with angular ui-router

  • Hello guys .

    I am trying to have a routing for may pages with angular ui router (Database Driven App)
    below tree is my pages that come from server . i am creating a state for them dynamically
    then creating template for each page and append to body .
    Root Templates :

       <template id="page1"> </template>
       <template id="page2"> </template>
       <template id="page3"> </template> // it has a tab navigator inside itself
       <template id="page4"> </template> // it has a splitter or side menu inside itself
    • page 1
    • page 2
    • page 3 ( tanavigator )
      - page 3-1
      - page 3-2
    • page 4 ( splitter )
      - page 4-1
      - page 4-2 (tab navigator)
      - page 4-2-1
      My question is how can i manage routing for these pages ?
      for example i want to show user the page 4-1 at first .
      How can route from page 3-1 to page page 4-2-1 ?

    Best Regards

  • Onsen UI

    @Saeedpadyab Hi! It’s been very long since I don’t use ui-router so I don’t remember well, but I made an example with Onsen v1 that might be helpful:

  • Sorry , could you please help me to implement this routing with angular onsen or other way you can !
    unfortunately i haven’t got much time to do it .