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iOS Build Version Number

  • I am wondering why you are forcing the ‘Build Version Number’ for iOS to be dot notation. In my experience the build version number for iOS should just be the same as Android… single number.
    It would make more sense to have both Android & iOS follow the same rules (or at least be allowed to follow the same rules)

  • Monaca

    @Bleeksie Regarding the format of the version number, there is no single number format for neither iOS nor Android. Based on Android’s official documentation, Android app’s version number consists of two numbers seperated by a dot (ex: 1.1). Based on iOS’s official documentation, iOS app’s version number consists of three numbers seperated by two dots (ex: 1.1.1).

    In Monaca, the version of both iOS and Android are configured to be the same by default. In other words, if you change the version number of iOS, the version number of Android will also be changed.