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Really Problem with infinite list lazy list in pages

  • I use requireJs to create a project. i need to have infinite scroll list in some pages. i use these for example to run page. for first time works correclty but when i back to that page not work ( i mean nothing shown in infinite list):

    I use it for run some function when page shown:

        document.addEventListener("show", function(event) {
            var page =;
            if ( == "pageSpecialOffer") {
        }, false);

    and the function to create infinite list:

        function createMainList() {
            var data = {};
            data.cityId = parseInt(bigFoot.variable.cityID);
            api.getMainList(data).done(function(list) {
                    var iListSpecialOffer = document.getElementById('SpecialOfferByCategoryInfiniteList');
                    iListSpecialOffer.delegate = {
                        createItemContent: function(index, template) {
                            var t2 = '<ons-list-item tappable modifier="longdivider" server-id="' + list[index].CategoryId + '">';
                            t2 += list[index].CategoryIcon;
                            t2 += '<div class="title">' + list[index].CategoryName + '</div>';
                            if (list[index].SpecialOffersTotal == 0) {
                                t2 += '<span class="notification notification--material empty">' + list[index].SpecialOffersTotal + '</span>';
                            } else {
                                t2 += '<span class="notification notification--material">' + list[index].SpecialOffersTotal + '</span>';
                            t2 += '</ons-list-item>';
                            // console.log(ons.createElement(t));
                            return ons.createElement(t2);
                        countItems: function() {
                            return list.length;
                        destroyItem: function(index, element) {
                            // console.log(index);

    above code i delete some unnecessary codes , that works for first time but when back and come again nothing shown in infinite list, but i have some data to show.

    please help me for that. i thing there is problem with delegate i used because i use the same code in other pages where needs to have infinite list scroll. thank you

  • I need to say i use pushPage to navigate between pages but when i use resetToPage all infinite list or lazy repeat list will work correctly.

    i really confuse !!!

    is there any way to show data in lazy repeat or infinite scroll beside delegate method ???

  • Onsen UI

    @meisam3322 Do you mean that when running popPage the list disappears? Try to use the init event instead of show.