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iOs Page with tabbar not loading

  • I created an app with a page with the “tabbar”-element. This page is just not loading and I can’t figure out why. I reduced the possible causes down to the tabbar. If I delete the tabbar, the page is loading (well there isn’t much more than the tabbar element).
    I also tested it on Android and everything is working as intended there.

    Here is my code:
    The page with the tabbar:

      <template id="home.html">
        <ons-page id="home-page">
            <div class="left"></div>
            <div class="center">Tabbar Test</div>
            <div class="right">
              <ons-toolbar-button onclick="">
                <ons-icon icon="ion-navicon, material:md-menu"></ons-icon>
          <ons-tabbar position="top">
            <ons-tab page="kitchen.html" label="Kitchen"></ons-tab>
            <ons-tab page="occasion.html" label="Occasion"></ons-tab>

    And the two tab pages:

      <template id="kitchen.html">
        <ons-page id="kitchen-tab">
          <div>Here will be a list</div>
      <template id="occasion.html">
        <ons-page id="occasion-tab">
          <div>Here will be a list</div>

    Is there something wrong with the code? Or is this a known issue with a fix?

  • I still have this problem. If I push the page with the tabbar on an ios phone, it just doesn’t work. Do you need more info to isolate the problem?

  • Onsen UI

    @kk Is that home.html page the root of your all? If so, remove its <template> element wrapper. Does this example works?

  • @Fran-Diox Sorry, couldn’t respond the last two days…

    The app is actually way bigger, with a lot more sites.
    I don’t really have a root template I think.

    I use a splitter like that:

        <ons-splitter-side id="menu" side="left" width="220px" collapse>
              <ons-list-item onclick="fn.load('home.html')" tappable>
              <!-- More list items -->
        <ons-splitter-content id="content">
          <ons-navigator swipeable id="myNavigator" page="login.html"></ons-navigator>

    So my first page is the “login.html” which has a login-button of course which when clicked pushes the “home.html”.


      <template id="login.html">
        <ons-page id="login">
          <div class="page-wrapper">
            <ons-row class="header">
                <span class="tte-font">My App</span>
            <ons-row><ons-input id="email" modifier="underbar" placeholder="E-Mail" float></ons-input></ons-row>
            <ons-row><ons-input id="password" modifier="underbar" type="password" placeholder="Password" float></ons-input></ons-row>
            <ons-row><ons-button id="login-button" modifier="large">Login</ons-button></ons-row>


    document.addEventListener('init', function(event) {
      var page =;
      if ( === 'login') {
        page.querySelector('#login-button').onclick = function() {
          // verify credentials and stuff then do:
          document.querySelector('#myNavigator').resetToPage('home.html'); // I use "resetToPage" so the user can't go back to the login page

    The example you posted is working. If I expand it with a splitter like mine and a login page etc. it’s also working.
    Since I don’t get en error message on my app, I’m a little at a loss where to start debugging. I just know, that my page works if I remove the tabbar, which is kind of odd.

    I also would love to post the whole app, but it’s actually really large already and not really refined yet.