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Vue Onsen Select (v-ons-select) auto closing

  • Hi,
    I have had some issues with the vue onsen select automatically closing on iOS (iOS 11.x.). When the select is pressed, the list will open and then close straight away. This does not occur every time, it seems to be when the select is tapped fairly fast. If you press it slowly it doesnt’ happen. I have googled this issue and thought it may be related to fastclick behviour and have tried the needsclick and needsfocus but this seems to have not effect.

    The below code is the snippet I am trying.

    <p style="padding-top:30px;">Select organisation:</p>
          <v-ons-select class="custom-select needsclick needsfocus" modifier="underbar" style="width:100%; 
            padding-right: 17px;" value="selectedOrganisation" v-model="selectedOrganisation">
              <option v-for="o in organisations" :value="o">
                  {{ o }}