Fastclick removal

  • Since I had issues with FastClick and Google Maps Autocomplete feature, I saw a discussion at which closed now.

    I tried the recommended ons.fastClick.destroy() but it causes button clicks not to work any longer.

    What is the status on the removal or replacement of this old FastClick library which is no longer maintained?

    Instead of embedding it in OnsenUI why not make it a separate js file option for people who want target old devices?

    asial-matagawa created this issue in OnsenUI/OnsenUI

    closed Obsolete FastClick. #2000

  • Onsen UI

    @jamal We cannot remove it at this point because it would be a huge breaking change for all the apps. We fixed some stuff recently for some devices and soon will have a look a it again to apply some patch that fixes input elements. I think that should work for Google Maps as well. Related gh#2254

    Ralpharoo created this issue in OnsenUI/OnsenUI

    closed iOS Native Text Selection #2254

  • @Fran-Diox, ok thanks! Looking forward to the fixes :+1:

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