tab icon will auto add prefix with 'fa-'

  • when I add my custom icon to the tabs, but it will auto add prefix with ‘fa-’ like this
    my icon name was ‘icon-icon-menu-2’
    this is my tabs’s options

    tabs: [
              'icon': 'icon-icon-menu-2',
              'active-icon': 'icon-icon-menu-3',
              'page': Home
              'icon': 'icon-icon-menu-5',
              'active-icon': 'icon-icon-menu-1',
              'page': Loan
              'icon': 'icon-icon-menu-4',
              'active-icon': 'icon-icon-menu-',
              'page': User

    how to solve this?

  • @丶JavaScript, fa is a prefix used for Font Awesome icons. Is there a problem?

  • @jamal I know,if I want to add icons which i designed in other website such as iconfont,it doesn’t need to add fa,it can be solved?

  • @jamal I rename all icons to solve this problem.i guess it’s only way

  • Onsen UI

    @丶JavaScript Yep, right now it automatically falls back to Font Awesome if no other valid prefix is provided (ion- or md-). I don’t like this and want to remove it but it would be an important breaking change. I’m thinking of providing something like ons.disableAutoFA() or something like that…

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