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react-onsenui Types are incomplete ?

  • Hi there :) I’m new to Onsen and this community, glad to be part of it :)
    Wanted to know if anyone else out there is using react-onsenui types ?

    npm install onsenui react-onsenui --save-dev

    I have found that a few (or many) of the components are missing, for example you can find Input but not Checkbox or SearchInput

    If I try to create my custom React component which will render the ons-search-input tag, it works except for the events which won’t fire.

    class TestApp extends React.Component {
            constructor() {
                console.log("change fired... ");
            render() {
                var CustomTag = 'ons-search-input';
                var rval =
                return rval;

    So I would like to know what’s up with the type definitions offered here:
    And also, out of curiosity, I would like to know why the events are not firing if I create the custom onsen tag.

    Have a nice weekend :)

  • Onsen UI

    @SharpDev Hi, welcome aboard! Do you mean that Checkbox and SearchInput React component don’t work in your app? They should be available if your have a recent version of react-onsenui and onsenui. Works here.

  • I’m saying that I’m using Typescript to create a React APP that uses OnsenUI.
    In implement the OnsenUI components it’s necessary the react-onsenui types for the best typescript experience, but not all of the components are typed.

    npm install @types/react-onsenui --save-dev

    Brings this:
    And if you take a look, you will not find Checkbox or SearchInput (to name a few) react-onsenui components.

    If I use bare javascript it will work but in Typescript I see compilation errors saying that some components were not found in onsenui-react.

    I hope it makes sense :)

  • Onsen UI

    @SharpDev Oh, I see! I was confused because we didn’t actually published any types for react-onsenui, I wasn’t aware of that package. However, we do publish type definition for onsenui which can be found here (they are also distributed inside onsenui npm package). Perhaps you can use that to update React types, it shouldn’t be too much :)