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How to change sha1 certificates in apps built with monaca

  • Hi everyone, I am having a doubt about certificates.
    my questions is, would be possible to change sha1 certificates in the build page?
    for example, my primary cordova app version have this certificate:

    [ SHA1: 6F:29:8A:BD:DD:99:60:3B:E3:0C:CB:65:B8:A1:2C:19:E0:1B:AB:8E ]

    and the newest from monaca have this code:

    [ SHA1: AB:A6:CE:41:6A:AF:FD:78:FB:97:C1:88:6D:DE:F3:AD:E7:96:5D:64 ]

    I think, if it’s possible to change via build page.


  • Monaca

    For Android debug build, dummy keystore will be used. In this case, you can’t use your own certificate/keystore. However, when you build the release build, your own keystore/certificate will be used.

  • ok, so the keystore doesn’t match. thanks for your explanation.