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pushPage() / replacePage() does not show the latest content...

  • Hi,

    I have page 1 calling page2 calling page3.

    A) Page3 have form textboxes and a submit button. To start with textboxes are empty.
    Using ajax, page 3 submits form and saves data and goes back to page 2.

    B) When page3 is called again from page2, page3 shows the fom textboxes empty enough I populate it using ajax on page3 load.

    Looks like it is simply showing the cached page. I want the refreshed page.

    I tried replacePage() instead of pushPage(),. Still no change.

    Any thoughts on this please?

    Thanks for your help!

  • Onsen UI

    @mmike said:

    page3 shows the fom textboxes empty enough I populate it using ajax on page3 load

    Not sure if I understood. Are the text boxes empty and then you populate them when page3 loads?

    Whenever you pop a page, the page element is destroyed so I don’t think anything is being cached…

  • Thanks Fran.

    Page 3 has form fields, user enters them and pushes submit button to save into DB using AJAX. I popPage() on AJAX success which takes me to PAGE 2 correctly. When I click page 3, I pull up the saved data from DB into the form fields. But the form fields shows empty.

    Is there refresh page option in the pushPage()?

    Once again thanks!

  • Fran,

    Could your please respond? I am in EST time zone.


  • Onsen UI

    @mmike Well, the only possible issue I can think about is timing. Make sure that when you populate the inputs, the elements are already attached to the DOM. The best moment to do this is during page’s init event.