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TabBar renders correctly after resizing window

  • Hey all. I’ve been using Onsen TabBar (with React bindings) successfully for awhile now. I updated to latest OnsenUI bits (2.6.1) and now my window doesn’t render correctly until the window is resized.

    This is what it looks like before resizing window:


    Notice that the detail part on the right doesn’t fill the entire right part of the display.

    This is what it looks like after resizing window:


    This is new behavior. Older versions of Onsen didn’t do this. Not sure if it’s a bug in Onsen or it’s a bug in my code.

    Anything I can to help pinpoint where the problem might be?



  • Onsen UI

    @sherscher Hi! Thanks for reporting. Looks like a bug on Onsen UI core, but perhaps it only happens under certain conditions. For example, this example works fine. I’ll try to fix it next week. If you know how to reproduce it, please make a small example and report it on GitHub.

  • Hey Fran. The behavior seems worse with the new release of Onsen (2.7). It was so bad, I replaced my use of the Onsen TabBar component with a really simple one I wrote myself and everything is working now.

    If I have an extra bit of time I’ll try to make a reproducible case for you so you can fix it in Onsen.