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iOS custom debugger log

  • cant get custom debugger to build with XCode 8

    here is logs

    config file

    would be nice if there was a small tutorial for common error codes during custom debugger builds and what common mistakes beginners make. Whether it would be in the config.xml file or out of date plugins or out of date versions of iOS etc


  • Monaca

    Hi Eric,

    I briefly checked your project and found that it is a Vuejs project? If so, please note that you can’t run a Vuejs project on Monaca Cloud IDE because it requires to transpire the source code which is not available on Monaca Cloud IDE. Please use Monaca CLI to test your Vuejs project. Moreover, your project configuration is very strange such as:

    1. Your configuration file is not a typical config.xml file inside a Monaca project. Please create a new project and see the sample config.xml there.
    2. Under the Cordova Plugins section, you had two Custom config plugins. Why?
    3. You already added the cordova-plugin-ios-camera-permissions plugin within the Cordova Plugins section. But you also include this addition of the plugin within your config.xml file. Please omit this part.