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Onsen UI 2.6.0 comes with a swiping tab bar!

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    Onsen UI 2.6.0 is finally out. Apart from a bunch of bug fixes, ons-tabbar has been reimplemented and is now swipeable! It also includes the new ons-segment component that can be optionally connected to ons-tabbar. vue-onsenui@2.2.0 and react-onsenui@1.6.0 are released as well. Have a look at the changelog for a full list of changes.

    If you want to see these changes in action and a sneak peek of the upcoming v2.7.0 (theme changes), have a look at this app!.

  • Hello Fran, I having problems to ask an doubt in monaca tools forum. when I click on “new topic” button, nothing works. I tried to change browser, but the same problem continues. would you help me?

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    @Jonathan-Silva Try to refresh the page, it normally works. We need to spend some time fixing the forum :sweat_smile:

  • Good job. btw there is a problem with ons-carousel not showing properly like it did in previous version. See Netflix example app section in tutorial for vanilla js .

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    @kobo2000 Hi! Thanks for reporting that. That example was using <ons-carousel-cover> element, which actually does not exist in Onsen UI. After removing it everything works :+1:

  • @Fran-Diox can you give a link to explaination page, where would be described the logic of the android-devicebutton behavior on onsen? the customer require native browser backbutton logic, so that all browsed pages are browsable back with the back button until press it on the first page, where the backbutton would suggest to close the app. I am using fn.load() function on onsen slide menu, no ons-navigator at all. And the device backbutton always suggest to close the app. How to make it? Sorry for off-topic, but this is a very hard forum where i didnt find the option to create my own topic.

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    @jmi23 When you open a category, there is a blue button with “New Topic” label that you can use to create a new post. About the back button, the default behavior is explained in the docs.

  • @Fran-Diox thanks for you support. I had to use the console in the dev tab to open a new topic.

  • @Fran-Diox - is there a way to selectively turn swiping off? I have a tab bar with one of the taps loading an openlayers map and the swipe gesture hook is interfering with navigation on the map. I’d like to be able to turn off the swipe gesture whenever the user selects the map tab.