Fair AdBlocker blocks Onsen

  • Hi.

    Evaluating Onsen and seeing that none of the samples appear at all on /v2/guide (Kitchen Sink etc). The culprit is the Fair AdBlocker extension, which has 68K installs. Don’t know if it’s just blocking the viewer, or Onsen itself. Thought someone there might want to know about this.


    Tried on Chrome on Mac and Windows.

    0_1504239968560_Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 12.25.35 AM.png

  • Onsen UI

    @John-Reel Thanks for reporting that. I’ve tested it with Adblock and Adblock Plus and it works well. It’s weird that yours breaks it because the viewer is a very basic iframe that only loads inline code, not even cross domain resources :/

  • AdBlock and Fair AdBlocker are two different things. Left the link to the plugin in the original post.

    Also, this add post / comment form doesn’t work/appear in stock Safari on my Mac. :-(

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