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New to Monaca

  • Hi

    I’m trying to build an app with Monaca - I’m new to Monaca and new to programming, but I was recommened to use Monaca since it should be userfriendly also for peoble at my level.

    But I keep on meeting challenges wich are not connected to understanding Monaca but are connected to my littel understanding of how to

    • configure my keyboard - yeasterday I spended hours trying to find out how to write a double vertical line and a square since it was used in the MOOC on Udemy. Embarresing eough I didn’t find a solution.

    • how to find all the different commands/codes Brian uses bulilding his code in the MOOC.

    Is there a secret place beginners go to find all the basic knowledge?

  • Hi and welcome to the Monaca community forum!

    What do you mean by commands/codes that I used when building?
    Are you referring to the Monaca CLI commands?

    Also, on our docs, you can find a collection of Monaca tutorials that help guide from creating to publishing projects.

    Best regards,

  • Thank-you very much for your replay and for welcomming.

    F.ex. in the MOOC in the beginning of the script on the page icon-localstrage.js there is a couple of lines

    ‘todostorage.hasItems = function(label){
    return this.collection.some(function(item){
    return item.label === label;

    And when you in the MOOC explains it - it becomes meaningful, and I feel I understand it, but if I should make it myself I wouldn’t know where to start and end. Honestly.

    I might not be fair, but I wonder when I seen the written tutorials, because the easy part is spelled out, so I easily understand, but when it begins to be just a little more complicated the speeling out stops. And the only thing that keeps me going is being sttuborn.

  • Hey @Bech,

    I understand the feeling.

    In my own personal experience, I find it easier to start by writing out the requirements and even draw diagrams on paper. This helps me with a starting point and sometimes even identify the methods I need to implement.

    If you have any questions, you can post freely here, in the community forum.

    Keep it up!