Muliple Modifiers in ons-list-item

  • Can I use muliple modifiers in onsen for ex I want modifier chevron and nodivider in ons-list-item
    also onclick event to chevron modifier

  • @Gaurav I believe you can with just a space between them.

  • Onsen UI

    Yes, modifier="chevron nodivider" should work. What do you mean with onclick event to chevron modifier? Clicking on the chevron itself? I don’t think that’s possible since the chevron is a CSS pseudo element :before, not a real DOM element.

  • ok thanks @Fran-Diox for reply this works but not with nodivider modifier this is my codepen

  • Onsen UI

    @Gaurav That’s a bug, looks like nodivider is applying border: none, which removes the chevron. We’ll fix it :thumbsup:

  • okk thanks

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