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GooglePlay accepts app, but it cannot be downloaded

  • I’ve a very weird error. Google Play will accept my build, and i can see it properly numbered in the PlayStore. However, on download it, it will download an earlier version.

    There is no error message or warning. My device is not unsupported. The iOS version has no problems.

    Maybe it has to do with the GCM that is required by the TAIVO push message plugin.

    Any hints or tips on this?

  • @remzo Does your Google Play version show correctly?

  • On the web it shows the version correctly. On my phone, it does not. But if found out that on other androids it does show the latest version and they can download it without problems.

    I now think it is my own phone that causes the error.

    I’ve cleared the data and emptied the cash of the PlayStore app, but that does not change anything yet.