Tutorial: Onsen UI with ui-router

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    Onsen UI Theme Customization

    AngularUI Router is perhaps one of the most used modules out there for AngularJS that allows you to organize the parts of your interface into a state machine. Onsen UI doesn’t use URL routing but navigates from one page to another programmatically using the custom elements. However, since in ui-router we can define state transitions and not only URL routes we are able to combine Onsen UI and ui-router in the same app. Learn here how to do it.

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  • Nice!

  • I can’t figure out how to get that loading image in my app like you have in yours. I’m using MEAN.JS with Angular 1. I’m trying ons-loading-placeholder but I’m having difficulties. Could you point me in the right direction with the code for the loading image?

  • @rgins16: I am talking about the splash screen.

  • @rgins16 I have posted in your other thread on how to do this. It is a function of Cordova not Onsen.

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