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Display text in center

  • @foodx when i use the ons-rwo and ons-col i want the text display in center bt its not wokring
    <ons-row style=“width:100%;”>

    		<ons-col width="50%" align="center"   align="center"  style="border:1px solid gray; border-top:0px; border-left:0px; border-bottom:0px; height:25px;
    			<label ng-click="byDirectoryChange(0)"  align="center"  class="tab-bar__item tab-bar--top-border__item"  style="color:red";>
    			<input type="radio" name="directoryTabbar" checked align="center" >
    			<button   style="margin-top:-11px;  "   align="center"  class="tab-bar__button tab-bar--top-border__button" id="ifcMallId" onclick="toggleFunction()">
    			<b align="center" >BY CATEGORY</b>
    		<ons-col align="center" style=" border-top:0px; border-left:0px; border-bottom:0px; ">
    			<label ng-click="byDirectoryChange(1)" class="tab-bar__item tab-bar--top-border__item">
    			<input type="radio" name="directoryTabbar">
    			<button  class="tab-bar__button tab-bar--top-border__button" onclick="myFunction();">
    			BY LEVEL

  • Onsen UI

    @pujapawar There is no align attribute for ons-row. Just use normal CSS properties: text-align: center.

  • ok thnx