Animated Splashscreen ?

  • anyone has better option ??

  • @Gaurav yo gaurav, sorry late respond.
    Can i see your code for that? maybe post it in git/jsfiddle/codepen ? I want try to take a look for it.
    And for that blank screen, i think because of the cordova’s behavior that will run a splashscreen before application start, and your splashscreen is considered as the application itself ?

    btw thanks @Fran-Diox for moving the thread.


  • that’s ok @dvlwjoffice this is my codepen before that just change priority so that this page will appear first

  • @Gaurav sry late reply again.
    I want to inform that i try your code. And the result is same, i trying to modify it so the first blank screen doesn’t appear but i think its doesnt work.

    and i just have an idea right now. To make the first splashscreen from cordova as a usual wallpaper that appear when you open the application, and then the one from your code as the real splashscreen that load data, etc.

  • try this code in config.xml

     <preference name="AutoHideSplashScreen" value="true" />
        <preference name="SplashScreenDelay" value="0" />

    I found this here

  • This is not a perfect solution still black blank screen appears on mobile if I remove splashscreen plugin got blank white screen anybody has better option guys ??

  • sorry late reply again @Gaurav , yeah i try that code in config.xml before :p

    and yes its not a perfect solution. and i googling everywhere, nothing share/ask about that splashscreen. Maybe we need to ask cordova developer for this ?

  • @dvlwjoffice you’re right but there has to be some other alternative

  • @Gaurav Well, i am asked in Cordova’s slack channel, seem we doesn’t have any solution except make it a white / black screen and start the animation page.

    I think its the dead end for us. What a sad life.

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