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How to save and retrieve file using pouchdb and vue js on onsen ui

  • Can someone help me on how to upload a file on pouchdb and display those uploaded files on page. I want to upload a file including name info of that file. When I check the fetch files using the console I can see [object object]. Am I doing the right thing? Any advice is well appreciated. Here is my code.

    // By the way Im using onsen ui for this
    		<v-ons-list-item  v-for="note in notes">
    			<div class="left">
    				<img src="" alt="">
    			<div class="center">
    				<span>{{ note._attachment['files'].data }} File here</span>
        // Customize form for uploading file and info
    		<span slot="title">Create a Note</span>
                    //File name of the file
    				<v-ons-input float
    				placeholder="Name of note"
                    // File 
    				<v-ons-input type="file" @change="onFileChange"></v-ons-input>
    				<v-ons-button @click="addNotes(name)">Submit</v-ons-button>

    //Here the methods for uploading and reading file uploaded

    import PouchDB from 'pouchdb'
    var db = new PouchDB('reviewerdb')
    export default {
    	data() {
    		return {
    			dialogVisible: false,
    			notes: [],
    			file: '',
    			name: '', 
    	mounted() {
    		print('notes: ' + this.notes);
    	methods: {
    		onFileChange(event) {
    			this.file =[0];
    		addNotes() {
    				_id: 'notes',
    				_attachments: {
    					"file": {
    						type: this.file.type,
    						data: this.file
    		getNotes() {
    			db.get('notes', {attachments:true}).then(function (note) {
    				this.notes = note;