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Really, really noob question...

  • Hi guys, first time poster. I’m an experienced web dev trying to make the jump to apps and have just come across Onsen. Looks great.

    One thing puzzling me is: when you look at the examples and tutorials, why is there a difference in colour in the top bar between Android vs. iOS preview?

    Does this suggest we’re supposed to repsect that Android top bars should be colour A and iOS ones colour B, or is it just the way the tutorials/examples have been styled, i.e. arbitrary?

    Told you it was a noob question…

  • @mitya33 So each OS has their own default styles. Onsen automatically switches to the default for the platform. Not many UI frameworks do that, so we are very lucky that Onsen does. Now, if you want them to all be the same, you can override this by disabling autostyle. A great resource is the API documents: and

  • Onsen UI

    @mitya33 Hi, welcome on board! Onsen UI just provides the original default styles for both platforms but you are not forced to use them. You can either override whatever you need or directly generate your own theme.