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Monaca/Cordova Splashscreens

  • I’ve been trying to change splash screen images but it doesn’t seem to work. Every time I load project in Monaca Debugger I can only see default Monaca splash screen. I created a new project and just change images but the problem remained. I cleared cache and tested in on different device and it was unsuccessful. I’m sure I’m missing something but I don’t know what. Please help, it’s driving me nuts. Note: I only tested it on iOS 10.x

    Monaca dependencies

    monaca-lib      :    2.3.1
    monaca-cli      :    2.3.1


    os              :    macOS Sierra
    node            :    7.9.0
    npm             :    4.5.0

    Project info

    cordova         :    6.2
    onsenui         :    2.4.2
    vue             :    2.3.0
    vue-onsenui     :    2.0.0

    Monaca Debugger

    Version         :     6.1.3
    Splashscreen    :     3.2.2

  • Monaca

    If I remember correctly, the splash screen files are not displayed on Monaca Debugger. You need to perform a debug/release/etc. build in order to correctly display them.

  • Thank you Andi, I’ll try to build a debug release to check if it’s working.

  • Andi you were right, splash screen is working properly when app is built for device. Thanks for your help.

  • Monaca

    Glad it worked! :D